Rural Fire Starters driving extinctions and evil

Fire God SupremeOffering to their Fire God Supreme


When the wind is calm, a special cult emerges that yearns the desire for fire, the Rural Fire Starters (RFS).

Playing with fire in rural Australia is like messing with the Devil.  The consequence can be catastrophic – death, maiming, economic loss.  Each quite evil.

Arson is criminal. Arson is not just lighting fires to buildings.  It is lighting fires that causes destruction.  Arson attracts either a $14,000 fine or a long jail term.

Calm wind triggers a hazard reduction burn offering to their Fire God Supreme.


Burn in HellRFS/NPWS:      “Burning doesn’t hurt.  Burning is good for ecology.”
“Set fire to others as you would never under Hades have them do unto you.”


The ritual prescribes setting fire to bushland and wildlife habitat, where the flames reach the same height as a wildfire.  Thousands of hectares are burnt every year as demanded by the cult’s ritual.



To outsiders, the justification for the HR ritual bush arson is to prevent wildfires.


Regrowth after BushfireAny growth after a firestorm means regeneration, extrapolated to ‘killing is OK ‘.
[Source:  ‘New life for the state’s north-east after a trial by fire’, 20030405,
Photo at Victoria’s Mount Beauty by Jason South,


RFS reality is that when wildfires do occur, often started by people or else ignitions in bushland left to burn and spread for hours and days, they become wildfires, so same outcome regardless:  Death to the last of Ecology.

RFS reality perpetuates the colonial destruction mindset of the fragmented vital ecology that remain in New South Wales and Australia.

On the radio today, the RFS media spokesperson declared that the hazard reduction focus was on a wild area that hadn’ been burnt for some time.  This implied that the RFS mindset about wildlife habitat is that it is only singularly a threat.  If bushland and forest has not been burnt for some time then according to the bushphobic cult, it must be burnt.   Dense undergrowth in the eyes of the RFS is evil.  May it dare exist anywhere in New South Wales, burn it save it catch fire.


RFS firefighter convicted of arson


RFS firefighter Joshua Staples convicted of arsonRFS Firefighter, Joshua Staples 
Finally jailed this week for lighting blazes in western Sydney
RFS arsonists look like anyone in the street
Photo by John Grainger, Daily Telegraph (Sydney newspaper)


<<  A Rural Fire Service volunteer who lit a string of fires before helping to put them out will spend at least a year behind bars.  (Ed: not enough)

Magistrate Michelle Goodwin today sentenced 20-year-old Joshua Staples to 18 months’ jail with a non-parole period of one year.

His mother, Jennifer Carter, grinned and called out “You right mate?” as her son was handcuffed and led from Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court.

The evidence by Staples’ mother was rejected as a lie, who had told the court any number of family or friends could have been driving the cars spotted at the scenes of the fires.

Staples, from Badgerys Creek, was convicted of deliberately starting multiple grass and bin fires at Bringelly, Badgerys Creek and Greendale in January 2011.

In several instances, Staples then joined his RFS colleagues and helped extinguish the blazes, the court heard.

His lawyer had pushed for a part-time or non-custodial sentence.

“The offences are out of character for him, he’s unlikely to reoffend, and has positive prospects for rehabilitation,” Michael Coroneous told the court.  Mr Coroneous said his client had only recently turned 18 when he lit the fires, and his immaturity should be considered.  “He was one month and 21 days over the cut-off mark,” he said.


(Ed:  Arsonist Lawyers will say anything for their clients)


Magistrate Goodwin said a psychiatrist’s report showed there were “no psychiatric issues apparent” but “the offender still maintains his innocence.  It is therefore difficult to assess any prospects for rehabilitation,” she said before handing down her sentence.  I am firmly of the view that the only appropriate sentence … will be a sentence of full-time custody.”

Staples will serve nine terms of 18 months concurrently.

His grandmother Veletta Heron, who crucially told Staples’ trial that her grandson had broken down at her kitchen table and confessed to lighting the fires, was not in court to see him sentenced.   In the hearing in January, Ms Heron gad said that she was trying to help her grandson with legal paperwork after he was charged, and asked him to explain police surveillance photos that showed his car near the site of a blaze.

“He was very quiet and I looked up and he was crying,” Mrs Heron said at the hearing.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh cry as much. He was red and had tears running down his face.  “I said ‘what’s the matter?’ and he said ‘I did them’.  “I stopped for a moment and I tried to think what to say and I said ‘what did you do, Josh?’ and he said ‘the fires’.”

Staples broke down during his evidence and told the court his grandmother was lying.  >>


[Sources:  ‘Jail for firefighter turned arsonist‘, 20130902, by AAP, ^;   ‘RFS volunteer found guilty of lighting fires‘, 20130516, by Stephanie Gardiner, Goulburn Post, ^]


RFSEveryone for themselves


“During the past 10,000 years, during the Holocene, Australia’s (tectonic) global position has changed very little, but there have been enormous changes in its flora and fauna.  These changes have occurred since the first people arrived in Australia, but most dramatics have happened during the last 200 years, since the European settlement (invasion) of Australia.

During this very short period of Australia’s history, an estimated 20 billion trees have been removed (decimated) from 70%  of the continent for agriculture, and dozens of plants and animals have been introduced and become wild.  Whole ecosystems have been affected and many native plants and animals have become extinct.”

“..During the last 200 years land has been overstocked and overcropped, damaging fragile soils, increasing erosion and causing choking dust storms.  Limted water resourses have been mismanaged, leading to a rising tide of underground salt and silting of waterways.  Fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals have poisoned soils and waterways.

Traditional European farming practices were not sustainable in the new homeland and native wildlife and habitats suffered badly.

At least 40 Australian frogs, 120 reptiles, 200 birds and mammals, 35 species of freshwater fish and more than 3000 plants species have become extinct – the worst record for sany continent.”

[Source:  ‘The Evolution of Australia: 110 million years of change’, 2002, Australian Museum Trust, (printed book), pp.59, 61]



Brushtailed Possum burnt in bushfireNative Brushtailed Possum badly burnt (paws included) in bushfire because it had nowhere to go up its Eucalypt
“DEC officers have since reported that most of the animals they have come across are dead.”
[Source:  Furries badly burnt in Lake Clifton blaze’, 20110112,


Ed:   Want a definition of evil?

Watch wildlife burn to death in a bushfire,

sickly “controlled”  or “prescribed” or otherwise.


Fire is a key threatening process that locally and regionally causes fauna extinctions, especially to territorial mammals that cannot relocate. But the RFS does not employ zoologists or ecologists on the side of fauna.  They would only question the cult’s bizarre premise – ‘fire is good for wildlife’.

To unto others?

Severe Burns Victim
So volunteers do as they are told by the RFS and NPWS command
to go set fire to the bush, but they know not what they do.
Wildlife burn just like humans.  Slow moving Echidna’s, Wombats, what of them?


The RFS bushphobic cult has usurped all logical decision making, and all independent thought.  The cult prescribes that if native habitat has not been burnt for years, it must be deemed a threat and so must be burnt, and so coloured red on the To Burn map.  Such is the unquestioned extent of cult mindset that it harks to the ancient and backward ‘Trial by Ordeal’ of drowning witches.  If the accused drowned she was innocent, but if she didn’t drown then she must be a witch and so punished by being burnt to death.


Lake of Fire “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life,
he was thrown into the lake of fire.”
~ The Bible, Revelation 20:15


The weak underbelly of the cult is that in the event of a real wildfire, Rural Fire Starters are as wholly incompetent and ill equipped as a Dad’s Army.

Rural Fire Starters are:

  • Incompetent and ill equipped to detect ignitions in a timely manner
  • Incompetent and ill equipped to immediately respond to ignitions in a timely manner
  • Incompetent and ill equipped to suppress ignitions from becoming wildfires


HR up into the tree canopy - same destruction as a wildfire
“Who are you then?”
“I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.” 
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


Like the exclusive brethren, the absolutism of the Rural Fire Starting cult prevails.  Involvement is entirely religious and wholly submissive to government cost saving policy.

Here, we supply the uniforms and equipment so that you may go forth and do RFS dirty work…

Anyone can set fire to Nature
New members welcome
Our indoctrination demands complete media silence, no pay, no questioning.


Burn in Hell
 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
~ The Bible, John 10:10


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