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Greater Bilby [Macrotis lagotis]
© Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management


‘As one of Queensland’s 16 Endangered mammals,
the bilby is the subject of intense conservation efforts.
This includes attempts to replace the Easter bunny with the Easter bilby in Queensland,
to make the public aware of this important animal’s plight.’


Source: ^http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/wildlife-ecosystems/wildlife/threatened_plants_and_animals/endangered/bilby/

Habitat Reference Library


Using the Habitat Reference Library:

In the Habitat Reference Library (below) to open a document, simply click on the document name.

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We have included some logic into the document indexing.  The first two characters in the code ‘HT‘ stand for Habitat Threat, which are followed by two digits equating to the Threat Type per the following list.   This allows us to potentially have up to 10,000 uniquely referenced documents for each threat type, which at present seems a tad ambitious.  Future upgrades of this website are planned to utilise a query-enabled relational database.

HT00…   Threats to Wild Tasmania
HT01…  Threats from Bushfire Management
HT02…  Threats from ‘Darkside’ Ecologists
HT03…  Threats from Deforestation
HT04…  Threats from Development
HT05…  Threats from Dumping
HT06…  Threats from Farming
HT07…   Threats from Ferals and Predators
HT08…  Threats from Fishing
HT09…  Threats from Government Funding Neglect
HT10…  Threats from Government Mismanagement and Wastage
HT11…   Threats from Greenwashing
HT12…  Threats from Groundwater Tampering
HT13…  Threats from Hydro and Dams
HT14…  Threats from Mining
HT15…  Threats from Native Pet Industry
HT16…  Threats from Overpopulation
HT17…  Threats from Poaching and Poisoning
HT18…  Threats from Pollution
HT19…  Threats from Public Land Sales
HT20… Threats from Road Making
HT21…  Threats from Sewage
HT22… Threats from Stormwater Runoff
HT23…  Threats from Tourism and Recreation
HT24…  Threats from Utility Corridors
HT25…  Threats from War
HT26…  Threats from Weak Environmental Laws
HT27…  Threats from Weeds



Habitat Issues:


Habitat Issue includes the international two letter country code     (e.g. Australia = ‘AU‘)
[Reference:  ^http://countrycode.org/]

Habitat Reference Library

Library Ref# Threat Type Habitat Issue Library Document
HT030001 Deforestation (AU) Riverina Bioregion >Redgum Final Assessment Report Dec-09 complete.pdf 15,554
HT030002 Deforestation (AU) Riverina Bioregion >Redgum Interim Assessment Report Sep-09.pdf 12,205
HT030003 Deforestation (AU) Riverina Bioregion >Redgum_Assessment_Report_Maps.pdf 6,080
HT030004 Deforestation (AU) Riverina Bioregion >Our Submission to NRC Redgum Assessment Oct 2009 1,104
HT010005 Bushfire Management (AU) Blue Mountains >Lawsons Long Alley Section 44 Report 20070208.pdf 5,594
HT010006 Bushfire Management (AU) Blue Mountains >Grose Valley Fire Forum Report – FINAL (BMWHI 20070402) 4,183
HT010007 Bushfire Management (AU) Blue Mountains >Report for Restoration of Six Foot Track.pdf 738
HT140008 Mining (AU) Blue Mountains >Impact_of_coal_mining_on_GoS2.pdf 1503
HT140009 Mining (AU) Blue Mountains >PoMDraftGardensOfStoneNP.pdf 1613
HT010010 Bushfire Management (AU) Justin Leonard studies -New Bushfire info 162
 HT240011 Utility Corridors  (AU) Inquiry into Underground Cabling (WA, 2011) 1742
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