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Nimbin Environment Centre is worth a visit

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014
Nimbin Environment CentreNimbin Environment Centre
Cullen Street (main street), Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia
[Source: Nimbin Environment Centre,


Amongst other worthy places, there are two that are special and worth a visit when exploring the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales.  Walk the ‘Wonga Walk’ (5.4km) beneath the rainforest canopy in Dorrigo National Park and stroll through the counterculture village of Nimbin calling into the Nimbin Environment Centre.


Dorrigo Plateau Country


Perhaps the tallest remaining rainforest trees survive in the natural ecology and splendour in Dorrigo National Park, part of originally Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Country, and currently one of eight groups of World Heritage protected areas in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia..

Yellow carabeenYellow carabeen (Sloanea woollsii) 
Found growing naturally up to 55 metres tall along the Wonga Walk in Dorrigo National Park
[Source: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service,




The village of Nimbin is many miles from Dorrigo, but that doesn’t matter.  Nimbin’s spirit is similar from that gained on the rainforest walk.

Perhaps one of the most respectful and communicative messages of any community in Australia is that of Nimbin’s, which draws upon the values of local Aboriginal elders, and shared by Nimbin’s close-knit local mix:

“We belong this country

We look after this country

Don’t do wrong around here this country

We don’t harm this country here

We belong to it this country”

~ Bundjulung Elders.


Cullen Street Nimbin
The Nimbin Environment Centre is a voluntary non-profit organisation.  It’s website reads: our history is rooted in the successful battles which saved Terania Creek and The NightCap Forest. We are very conscious of our continuous role as custodians of this land, hand in hand with its first people: The Bundjalung nation. We receive no funding from State or Federal Governments. This empowers us to be fearless in our work to defend, protect, preserve and enhance the environment.

We read this and reflect upon our crews visit in October 2013, and upon the subsequent town fire of the 13th August 2014 which tragically struck at the heart of Nimbin.

We remember and preserve some memories for those who have contributed to the Magic of Nimbin since the Aquarius Festival of 1973 which has since celebrated the hope of ‘Counter Culture’.

We offer the following images of a Nimbin morning taken by our editor paying an overnight visit to Nimbin 23rd – 24th October 2013.  All images are copyright free in the public domain as we consider appropriate.  Nimbin sets an example of community respect to the world.  For each image click to enlarge.

Welcome to Nimbin

Arriving at Nimbin

Cullen Street Nimbin

Morning Deliveries Nimbin

Early in the Nimbin Laneway

Morning Rooster in Nimbin Laneway

Rooster with Hen in Nimbin Laneway

Nimbin Street Code

The Paradox Of Our Age in Nimbin

Know Thy Self in Nimbin

Be Aware in Nimbin

High Side Wall of Nimbin Museum

Rear of Nimbin Museum


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