A callous hate of healthy Nature

Tree DecapitatedA rare and perhaps 150 year old and healthy endemic Eucalpytus Oreades tree
Land buyer:  “Hey Asplundh, it’s in the way of where I want to build a house to sell for profit.”


Our Investigative Journalist:    “I think the E.Oreades was chopped down today (20131125) , as I heard a chainsaw coming from Loftus St.”

When 17 year olds were cut down in the prime of their life during The Great War for no reason or for someone else’s evil ends, all involved governments just sent in more to top up the slaughter with the stroke of a polly pen.

When it comes to preservating ecological life worth living, Blue Mountains Council in 2013 belongs to that same callous mindset.  They continue to proclaim being a City within a World Heritage Area.

God knows why.


Healthy Life struck down in its prime
A healthy specimen of an Oreades with no signs of disease or rot.
We consider that what took place in Loftus Street Katoomba, Blue Mountains on Monday 25th November 2013, was an act of callous ecological murder
by Asplundh for one property developer’s personal greed.


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


~ Edmund Burke PC (b.1729)  an  Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist and philosopher.


2 Responses to “A callous hate of healthy Nature”

  1. Barbara Pelczynska says:

    I fully agree with the article. Unfortunately the same form of ecological murder occurs in Bendigo, where on one hand the Greater Bendigo Council proclaims Bendigo as being a City within the forest while on the other it is replacing old native trees with exotic ones with the excuse that it is after all a European City and what is sad that majority of people living in Bendigo accept this and value Elms more than Eucalypts

  2. Editor says:

    Yes Barbara, we concur. Government self-aggrandising hypocrisy across Australia is chronic and insular.

    For instance in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, the local council exults itself as proudly being “a city within a world heritage area”. All the while it madly encourages broadscale forest burning into the world heritage area on an unprecedented scale, approves bushfire ‘flame zone’ housing development right up against the world heritage area, ignores urban runoff including its own two refuse tips that permeate toxic acidic vile into the watercourses of the world heritage area.

    Funnily enough, it doesn’t disclose this in its world heritage tourist propaganda.

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