‘Tigerquoll’ set to join The Habitat Advocate

Radical Australian wildlife activist ‘Tigerquoll‘ from the popular socio-political website ‘CanDoBetter.net‘  is set to join The Habitat Advocate.

Tigerquoll, over recent years, has established a forthright and controversial online blog presence at CanDoBetter.net

Victorian-based Tigerquoll, from Suggan Buggan in Snowy River Region of Australia, says he can offer us a more southern and ‘colder’ perspective on Australian wildlife issues and threats.

Tigerquoll has expressed that he remains an angry young man resentful of those who harm wildlife and of government agencies who falsely proclaim their role of wildlife conservation and protection.

He admits a dogged resolve and a lack of diplomacy.

He feels he often attracts aggression yet feels he is misunderstood since his intentions are honorable to those he seeks to protect

Check out:  Tigerquoll’s Blog

We at The Habitat Advocate welcome our new contributor and what is set to become a more activist tone for our cause for maximising wildlife respect and conservation.

Watch this space!

~ Editor

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