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Listening Post‘ is our habitat news update page, providing seasonal updates about wildlife habitat campaigns by region. Article titles are listed as hyperlinks in order of when they were published, with the most recent at the top.  For each region, we also include some broader information about the ecology, wildlife, specific habitat threats and links to pertinent conservation organisations.

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Iberian Wolf [Canis lupus signatus]
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Spain is one of the last remaining refuges of the Iberian wolf .
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Habitat Campaigns by Region


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1.   >Africa

2.   >Amazon (BR)

3.   >Antarctica (AU)

4.   >Australian Alps  (AU)  

5.   >Blue Mountains (AU)

6.   >Cape York (AU)

7.   >Congo (CD)

8.   >Gippsland (AU)

9.   >Kalimantan (ID)

10. >Kimberley (AU)

11.  >Madagascar (MG)

12.  >Mekong (VN)

13.  >Murray Darling (AU)

14.  >Otway Ranges (AU)

15.  >Papua (PG)

16.  >Pilliga (AU)

17.  >Riverina (AU)

18.  >South East Corner (AU)

19.  >Sumatra (ID)

20.  >Tasmania (AU)


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