∞ A Voice for Native Habitat

‘A Voice for Native Habitat’ is our focus on championing the cause of nature and specifically the rights of wildlife to exist without harm or interference to their natural home.  It is a voice for the preservation of nature, effectively adopting an agency role representing the rights of the natural world against damaging actions to it by humanity.

This conservation perspective is premised on an applied ethics branch of philosophy referred to as ‘environmental ethics’.  The Habitat Advocate is about advocating natural rights including animal rights specifically as this related to wildlife.  The posit of The Habitat Advocate is that wildlife have no less right to exist in their natural home without harm or with the threat of harm or intrusion, as does humanity.

Wildlife is not human property, nor a human resource, nor a commodity, nor an expendable pest.  The Habitat Advocate is opposed to hunting wild animals.  Any hunting of wild animals is poaching, whether State-sanctioned or otherwise.

The Habitat Advocate condemns animal cruelty and considers it immoral to exploit wildlife for any reason such as food, clothing, research and entertainment.  Each wild animal has a natural right to live freely without persecution, just like humans.

The Habitat Advocate advances normative animal ethics and the moral duty humanity has to respect the nature environment, and challenging immoral behaviour of industrial humanity toward flora and fauna.

A Voice for Native Habitat’ has become a necessary function in the wake of centuries of unjust wholesale environmental destruction of the natural environment across the world by industrial man, who continues to cause extinctions and reducing remnant native habitat to islands effectively under siege.


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