∞ Growth-Free Prosperity

[under gestation]

Growth-free Prosperity‘ is a derivative term of the concept ‘Prosperity without Growth‘ espoused in a book by Professor Tim Jackson published in 20o9 of the same title.   We have just adopted more of  the glass half full approach.  [Read more about this book].

Earlier, Joel Hodroff (2003), President of DualCurrency Systems in Denver Colorado defines ‘sustainable prosperity’ with the following three components:

1. A state of economic development, where individuals, families and communities enjoy a high standard of living and a high quality of life, while respecting and preserving the natural environment;

2. A new balance of economic competition with economic cooperation that promotes the efficient use and sharing of natural resources, technologies, knowledge and capital at the local, national and global levels;

3. The highest expression of a free-enterprise system, which affords social, economic, political, cultural and artistic freedoms, side by side with individual responsibility, mutual respect and special consideration for people truly in need.”

SOURCE (pdf document at www.dualcurrency.com):
‘Sustainable Prosperity – Capturing underutilised business capacity to revitalise the economy and transform our quality of life’.

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