11 Learning Histories!

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Lessons Learned 


“Capturing lessons learned is of vital importance. Unfortunately, it is often forgotten at the end of the project – people just want to move on to the next assignment. By assigning an individual on the project (ideally an individual trained in capturing what is learned) to lead the capture of what is learned from the beginning of the project, and tracking throughout all the stages of the project, you won’t feel so pressured at the end to fit it in.

The more mature the project management function within the organization, the more likely that lessons learned are captured, internalized and applied to all future projects. Effective transfer of knowledge from what is learned is not solely to other project teams, but also to the organization as a whole. These organizations which are more mature will capture lessons learned not just from the project team, but also from customers, contractors, and other internal staff. These organizations likely also have a formal process for capturing what is learned to ensure there are consistencies among all project teams.”

[Source: How to Capture Lessons Learned, by Gina Abudi, 20100422, on PM Hut website, filed under: ‘Lessons Learned’, ‘Project Closure’, ‘Project Management Guides’,
http://www.pmhut.com/how-to-capture-lessons-learned ]
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