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The Gully fox ignored by Council

Friday, May 3rd, 2024


On Friday 26th April 2024, at 1:10 am I saw a fox again on Murri Street Katoomba that scurried out of The Gully across the road into a nearby property.

I reported this to Blue Mountains Council as the land owner of The Gully, but only to be given a run around by Council’s call centre staff, claiming that protocol is that such pests are not Council’s responsibility.   I was told to instead phone some Local Land Service on 1300 795 299, so I did.  The person there said I then had to phone Biosecurity Officer ‘Jacob’ on 0438 073 749.  So I did, but I had to leave a message.

What a cop out by Blue Mountains Council!

So then I phoned back Council again and spoke to a different person in customer service and reported the same problem of the fox sighting in Murri Street.

This time I was given a CSR 529097, whatever that may come to. 

Council is all care, greenwashing and no responsibility.


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