Habitat Books by Others


In order of Title Authors   [publisher, country code] Year Review
A David Suzuki Collection: A lifetime of ideas David Suzuki, [Allen and Unwin, USA] 2003  
A History of the Australian Environmental Movement Drew Hutton, Libby Connors   [Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, UK] 1999  
A Long Walk in the Australian Bush William J. Lines 1998  
A Million Wild Acres Eric Rolls 1981  
A Time to Care: Tasmania’s Endangered Wilderness  (photography) Chris Bell 1980  
A Walk in the Rainforest     (photography) Dawn and Clifford Frith 1985  
Above Me Only Sky   (with photography) Martin Hawes 1981  
Adaptive Environmental Management Catherine Allan (ed.) and George Henry Stankey (ed.) 2009  
Affluenza: When too much is never enough Clive Hamilton, Richard Denniss 2005  
Amber Forest (The): A Reconstruction of a Vanished World George Poinar Jr., Roberta Poinar 1999  
American Wilderness: A New History Michael Lewis (ed.), [Oxford University Press, USA] 2007  
An Explorer’s Notebook: Essays on life, history and climate Tim Flannery [The Text Publishing Company, Australia] 2007  
An Old Look at Trees: Vegetation of South-Western Australia in Old Photographs Robert Powell, Jane Emberson 1978  
Animal Capital – rendering life in biopolitical times Nicole Shukin, [University of Minnesota Press, USA] 2009  
Animal Revolution: Changing Attitudes Towards Speciesism Richard D. Ryder, [Berg Publishers, USA] 2000  
Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect Marc Bekoff, Foreward by Jane Goodall [Shambhala Publications, USA] 2007  
Animals of Ireland (The) Gordon D’Arcy [Appletree Press Ltd, NI] 2008  
Antarctica: Securing its Heritage, for the Whole World Geoff Mosley 2007  
Artificial Horizon (The): Imagining the Blue Mountains Martin Thomas 2003  
Australia Unlimited Edwin (James) Brady 1918  
Australia’s Endangered Species      (with photography) Michael Kennedy  (ed.) 1990  
Australia’s Mammal Extinctions: A 50,000 year history Chris Johnson 2006  
Australia’s Wild Islands Alasdair McGregor, Quentin Chester 1997  
Australia’s Wilderness:  Proceedings of the First National Wilderness Conference Geoff Mosley (Ed.), Australian Conservation Foundation  [Australian Academy of Science, AU] 1977  
Australian Wilderness Skills Robert Rankin 1983  
Back from the Brink: Blue Gum Forest and the Grose Wilderness Andy Macqueen 1997  
Battle for the Bush: The Blue Mountains, the Australian Alps and the origins of the wilderness movement Geoff Mosley 1999  
Becoming Good Ancestors: How we balance Nature, Community and Technology David Ehrenfeld, [Oxford University Press, USA] 2009  
Beyond the Horizon: Exploring Australia’s Wild Places   (photography) Robert Rankin 2002  
Beyond the Reach: Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park  (photography) Chris Bell 1990  
Beyond White Guilt: The real challenge for black-white relations in Australia Sarah Maddison, [Allen and Unwin] 2011  
Big (The) Picture: reflections on science, humanity and a quickly changing planet David Suzuki and David Robert Taylor, [Allen and Unwin] 2000  
Birds Around Belfast: A guide for birdwatchers Belfast Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) [RSPB, NI] 1981  
Birds of Eucalypt Forests and Woodlands: Ecology, Conservation, Management (text) A. Keast, H.F. Recher, H. Ford, D. Saunders (illustration) D. McFarland, D. Milledge, J. Trompp 1985  
Blue Mountains for World Heritage Geoff Mosley 1989  
Blue Mountains World Heritage Alex Colley, Henry Gold 2004  
Bob Brown of the Franklin River Peter Thompson 1984  
Bring Back the Buffalo!: A Sustainable Future for America’s Great Plains Ernest Callenbach [Island Press, USA] 1995  
Bringing Back the Bush: The Bradley Method of Bush Regeneration Joan Bradley 1988  
Building Nature’s Safety Net: A Review of Australia’s Terrestrial Protected Area System 1991-2004 Paul Sattler, Andreas Glanznig, [WWF,AU] 2006  
Burning Bush: A Fire History of Australia Stephen J. Pyne   [Allen & Unwin, AU] 1991  
Bush Regeneration: Recovering Australian Landscapes Robin A. Buchanan 1989  
Canadian Wildlife and Man Anne Innis Dagg 1974  
Cape York Peninsula (A Natural History)    (with photography) Dawn and Clifford Frith, Kerry Trapnell 1995  
Caring for Namadgi Science and People:  Proceedings of the NPA Act Symposium National Parks Association 2006  
Celebrating Wilderness: Fifth National Wilderness Conference (held at Universty of Technology, Sydney September 2006) The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd 2006  
Collins Bird Guide Peter Grant 2009  
Colonial Earth (The) Tim Bonyhady 2000  
Comfort of Water (The): A River Pilgrimage Maya Ward, [Transit Lounge Publishing, Australia] 2011  
Coming into the Country John McPhee    [Bantam, AU] 1977  
Concepts of Ecology Edward J. Kormondy 1969  
Conservation Victories and Battles Yet to Win Vincent Serventy, Patrick W. Medway 2004  
Conserving Australia’s Wildlife: The History of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia, Inc. Joan Webb 2002  
Consuming Nature: A Photo Essay on African Rain Forest Exploration Anthony L. Rose, Russel A. Mittermieir, Olivier Langrand, Okeame Ampadu-Agyei, Thomas M. Butynski, (photos) Karl Ammann. 2003  
Contested Natures Phil Macnaghten and John Urry, [Sage Publications, UK] 1998  
Daintree (Where the Rainforest Meets the Reef)     (photography) Leo Meier, Cliff & Dawn Frith (photos), Rupert Russell (text) 1985  
Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: Alienation from Nature from Rousseau to Frankfurt School and Beyond Andrew Biro [University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Canada] 2005  
Destination Wildlife: An international site-by-site guide to the best places to experience endangered, rare, and fascinating animals and their habitats Pamela K. Brodowsky and the National Wildlife Federation 2009  
Eagle Watchers (The): Observing and Conserving Raptors Around the World Ruth E. Tingay, Todd E. Katzner 2010 >Details
Earth Bob Brown 2009  
Earth First      (with photography) Jeni Kendell, Eddie Buivids 1987  
Echo in the Wilderness Hesba Fay Brinsmead 1972  
Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice: Women Write Political Ecology Ariel Salleh (ed.) [Spinifex Press, North Melbourne, Australia] 2009  
Ecological Intelligence: Rediscovering Ourselves in Nature Ian McCallum 2008 >Details
Ecological Pioneers:  A Social History of Australian Ecological Thought and Action Martin Mulligan, Stuart Hill   [Cambridge University Press, UK] 2001  
Ecological Process: A Social History of Australian Ecological Throught and Action Martin Mulligan, Stuart Hill 2001  
Ecological Systems and the Environment Theodore C. Foin, Jr. 1976  
Ecology: Key Concepts in Critical Theory Carolyn Merchant (ed.) [Humanities Press International, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA] 1994  
Ecotourism: an introduction, 2nd Ed. David Fennell [Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, Canada] 2003  
Elephants on the Edge:  What Elephants Teach Us About Humanity Gay A. Bradshaw PhD.   [Yale College foundation, US] 2009  
Encounter with the Archdruid John McPhee 1971  
Enduring Wilderness (The):  Protecting Our Natural Heritage through the Wilderness Act Doug Scott [US] 2004 >Details
Environment in Anthropology: A Reader in Ecology, Culture and Sustainable Living Nora Haenn and Richard R Wilk (editors), [New York University Press, NY, USA] 2006  
Environmental Law Handbook: Planning and Land use in New South Wales David Farrier 1988  
Enduring Wilderness (The): Protecting Our Natural Heritage through the Wilderness Act Doug Scott 2004  
Exultant Ark (The): A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure Robert Phillips, [University of California Press, USA] 2011  
Fatal Shore (The) Robert Hughes 1988  
Fighting Over the Forests Ian Watson 1990  
Flora and Fauna Guide to The upper Florentine Valley Miranda Gibson, Lily Leahy 2010  
Forests (The) (photography) Matthew Newton and Pete Hay (published by Matthew Newton 2007  
Forest Wars (The) Judith Ajani 2007  
For the Forests: A history of the Tasmanian forest campaigns Helen Gee 2001  
Future Eaters (The) Tim Flannery 1994  
Giving Ground: Media and Environmental Conflict in Tasmania Libby Lester [Quintus Publishing, AU] 2007  
Global Spin: the corporate assault on environmentalism Sharon Beder 1997  
Goanna Jenny Wagner 1989  
God’s Earth Paul Collins 1995  
Grand Cañon of the Colorado (The) John Muir 1902  
Habitat Fragmentation and Landscape Change: An Ecological and Conservation Synthesis David Lindenmayer, Joern Fischer  [CSIRO Publishing, AU] 2006  
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad, [Blackwood’s Magazine, Britain] 1899  
Hearts and Minds: Creative Australians and the Environment Michael Pollak, Margaret MacNabb 2000  
Hearts of Oaks Bill Leitch [Southern Holdings, AU] 2003  
Historical Ecology: cultural knowledge and changing landscapes Carole L. Crumley (ed.), [School of American Research, USA] 1994  
Horton Hatches the Egg Dr. Seuss 1942  
Hot Air:  How Nigh is the End? Julianne Schultz (Ed.)   [Griffith Review – Winter 2006 Issue, Griffith University, AU] 2006  
How the Rich are Destroying the Earth (Translated from French) Herve Kempf [Finch Publishing, Sydney] 2009  
Humanity: Footprint, Momentum, Impact and our Global Environment Walter K. Dodds, [Columbia University Press, NY, USA] 2008  
In Search of Sustainability (Eds) Jenny Goldie, Bob Douglas, Bryan Furnass [CSIRO Publishing, AU] 2005  
Into Brown Bear Country William A. Troyer 2005  
Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests Anna Krien 2010  
Jarrah Forest (The): A Complex Mediterranean Ecosystem B. Dell, J.J. Have, N. Malajczuk (eds.) 1989  
Kakadu Country     (with photography) Michael Kennedy, Peter Jarver 1988  
Kakapo: Rescued from the brink of extinction Alison Ballance 2010  
Kimberley (The): Horizons of Stone Alasdair McGregor, Quentin Chester 1993  
L’Homme Spatial: la construction sociale de l’espace humain Michel Lussault, [Éditions du Seuil, France] 2007  
Land of the Sun Edwin James Brady 1924  
Last Days of a Wilderness Percy Trezise 1973  
Life of Mammals (The) Sir David Attenborough  [David Attenborough Publications Ltd, UK] 2002  
Lion Dierdre Jackson    [Reaktion Books, UK] 2010  
Little Book of Trees Joanna Karmel (compiler)   [National Library of Australia, Australia] 2010  
Loving Nature: towards an ecology of emotion Kay Milton [Routledge, London, UK] 2002  
MacDonnell Ranges (The)       (with photography) Henry Gold (photos), Frank Rigby (text) 1973  
Man who planted trees (The) Jean Giono [The Harvill Press, UK] 1996  
Mother/Nature: Popular Culture and Environmental Ethics Catherine M. Roach [Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, USA] 2003  
Myles and Milo Peter Meredith 1999  
Mountains of California John Muir 1894  
Mountain After Another Arthur Groom 1949  
My Side of the Mountain Jean Craighead George [Puffin Books, USA] 1959  
Myles Dunphy Selected Writings Patrick Thompson 1986  
Nature and Power: a global history of the environment Joachim Radkau (German Historical Institute) translated from German), [Cambridge University Press, USA] 2002  
Nature of Australia       (photography) John Vandenbeld 1988  
New South Wales National Parks Establishment Plan 2008 NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change  [NSW Government, AU] 2008  
New Zealand’s Wilderness Heritage Les Molloy and Craig Potton 2007  
Noblest Stone (The): Carnarvon National Park   (photography) Chris Bell 1995  
Noosa Story (The)      (with photography) Nancy Cato 1979  
Nature First: Outdoor Life of the Friluftsliv Way Bob Henderson and Nils Vikander (editors), [Natural Heritage Books, Toronto, Canada] 2006  
On Our Watch: The Race to Save Australia’s Environment Nicola Markus [Melbourne University Press, Australia] 2009  
On the Edge Robert Milliken (text), Lorrie Graham (photos) 1992  
On the edge of wilderness : wild places near Brisbane  (photography) Robert Rankin 1983  
One for the Master Dorothy Johnston 1997  
Open Air Essays William J. Lines 2001  
Our Final Century Martin Rees  [Heinemann, AU] 2003  
Our Wilderness: America’s Common Ground Doug Scott 2009 >Details
Outdoor Companion (The): An Environmental Handbook for Surviving and Enjoying the Outdoors Quentin & Jonathan Chester 1991  
Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth Catriona MacGregor [Beyong Words, Oregon] 2010  
People Policy: Australia’s Population Choices University of Sydney 1996  
Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good Jonathan Balcombe [Palgrave Macmillan, Britain] 2007  
Poor Fellow My Country Xavier Herbert 1975  
Population Bomb Paul R. Ehrlich 1968 >Details
Prehistoric Native Americans and Ecological Change: Human Ecosystems in Eastern North America since the Pleistocene Paul A. Delcourt and Hazel R. Delcourt, [Cambridge University Press, USA] 2004  
Primal Places: Tasmania  (photography) Chris Bell 2002  
Pure State of Nature (The): sacred cows, destructive myths and the environment David Horton [Allen & Unwin, Sydney, Australia] 2000  
Pursuing Giraffe: A 1950’s Adventure Anne Innis Dagg  [Wilfred Laurier University Press, CA] 2006  
Range Upon Range: The Australian Alps      (photography) Harry Nankin 1987  
Red Cedar in Australia Vani Sripathy (Ed.)   [Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, Australia] 2004  
Reimagining Political Ecology Aletta Biersack and James B. Greenberg (editors) [Duke University Press, Durham, NC, USA] 2006  
Re-wilding North America Josh Donlan 2005  
Riders in the Chariot Patrick White 1961  
Reimagining Political Ecology Aletta Biersack and James B. Greenberg, editors [Duke Publishing, Durham, North Carolina, USA] 2006  
Ring of Bright Water (film) Jack Couffer (writer/director) 1969  
River Runs Free (The): Exploring & Defending Tasmania’s Wilderness Geoff Law, [Viking, an imprint of Penguin Books, Australia] 2008  
Rural Landholders’ Guide to Environmental Law in NSW  (Ed.2) Environmental Defenders’s Office  [AU] 2008  
Sacred Balance (The): A Visual Celebration of Our Place in Nature David Suzuki, Amanda McConnell, Maria DeCambra [Douglas & McIntyre, USA] 2004  
Sand County Almanac (A) Aldo Leopold 1949  
Sand Forest (The) Hesba Fay Brinsmead 1985  
Saving the Rainforest: The NSW Campaign 1973-1984 James G. Somerville 2005  
Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals Jonathan Balcombe, foreword by J. M. Coetzee [Palgrave Macmillan, Britain] 2011  
Should Trees Have Standing? – Toward Legal Rights for Natural Objects Christopher Stone 1972  
Silent Spring Rachel Carson 1962 >Details
Simply Peter Dombrovskis   (photography) (Peter Dombrovskis) 2006  
Sitting on Penguins Stephen Murray-Smith 1991  
Sleepers Wake     (Ed.4) The Hon. Barry Jones AO 1995  
Snowy River Story: The Grassroots Campaign to Save a National Icon Claire Miller 2005  
Social Behaviour of Older Animals (The) Anne Innis Dagg  [The John Hopkins University Press, CA] 2009  
South-West Book (The): A Tasmanian Wilderness Helen Gee, Janet Fenton, Greg Hodge 1978  
South West Tasmania   (photography) David Neilson 1975  
Speciesism, Painism and Happiness: A Morality for the Twenty-First Century Richard D. Ryder, [Societas Imprint Academic, Britain] 2011  
Steep Trails California, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, the Grand Canyon John Muir 1918  
Stickeen John Muir 1909  
Storm Boy Colin Thiele 1963  
Story of My Boyhood and Youth (The) John Muir 1913  
Stradbroke Dreamtime Oodgeroo Nunukul 1972  
Tasmanian Mammals: A Field Guide Dave Watts 2008  
Tasmanian Wilderness Battles: A History Greg Buckman 2008  
Tasmanian Wilderness Experience (A) Dennis Harding 1998  
Taxing Air : Facts & Fallacies about Climate Change Prof Bob Carter, with Bill Kininmonth, Martin Feil, Stewart Franks, Bryan Leyland [Kelpie Press, Australia] 2013  
Terania Creek: Rainforest Wars Nigel Turvey 2006 >Details
They All Ran Wild: the story of pests on the land in Australia Eric Rolls 1977  
This Tired Brown Land Mark O’Connor 1998  
Toxic Fish and Sewer Surfing Sharon Beder 1989  
Travels in Alaska John Muir 1915  
Treading Softly: paths to ecological order Thomas Princen, [MIT Press, USA] 2010  
Understanding the Social Dimensions of Sustainability Jesse Dillard, Veronica Dujan and Mary King (editors), [Routledge, UK] 2009  
Valley of the Giants (The): A Guide to Tasmania’s Styx River Forests Bob Brown 2001  
Victoria’s Alps        (photography) Harry Nankin 1983  
Walden; or, Life in the Woods Henry David Thoreau 1854  
Watershed: Deciding Our Water Future Tricky Fullerton  [ABC Books, AU] 2001  
Ways of the Bushwalk (The): On Foot in Australia Melissa Harper (UNSW Press, AU) 2007  
Weathermakers (The): The History and Future Impact of Climate Change Tim Flannery 2005  
Where to see Wildlife in Tasmania Dave Watts, Cathie Plowman [Jacana Books, AU] 2008  
White Eye Blanche d’Alpuget 1993  
Wholeness Principle (The)  (Ed.2) Anna Freifeld Lemkow 1995  
Wild: An Elemental Journey Jay Griffiths, [Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Books, England] 2006  
Wild Calling Quentin Chester 1998  
Wild Forest: Endangered Tasmania (photography) Rob Blakers (editor) [The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc. 2008  
Wild Foresting: Practising Nature’s Wisdom Alan Drengson, Duncan Taylor 2009  
Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals Marc Bekoff, Jessica Pierce, [The University of Chicago Press Books, USA] 2009  
Wild Places Peter Prineas (text), Henry Gold (photos) 1983  
Wild Places: Wilderness in Eastern New South Wales Peter Prineas (text), Henry Gold (photos) 1997  
Wild Rivers Bob Brown (text), Peter Dombrovskis (photos), Peter Jackson (illustrations) 1983  
Wildcat Robert Francis Brissenden 1991  
Wilderness Light : Photographing Australia’s Wild Places   (photography) Robert Rankin 1993  
Wilsons Promontory (Coastal Wilderness)    (photography) David Neilson 1996  
Women Who Changed The World Pier 9, [Murdoch Books, AU] 2006  
World (The) Without Us Alan Weisman, [Picador, NY, USA] 2007  
Yosemite (The) John Muir 1912  
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