Habitat Calendar

^ 2013  International Year of Water Co-operation

^ 2012  International Year of Co-Operatives

^ 2011  International Year of Forests

> 2010  International Year of Biodiversity

^ 2009  Year of the Gorilla

Month Day / Date Event
January 5th ^National Bird Day (Australia)
January 22nd ^Anniversary of surrender of native lands by Chief Seattle at the signing of the Treaty of Point Elliott at Mukilteo, Washington State
February 2nd ^World Wetlands Day
March 3rd to 9th ^Sea Week (Australasia)
March 10th to 16th approx ^Ground Water Awareness Week
April 18th ^World Heritage Day
April 22nd ^Earth Day
May 8th to 9th ^World Migratory Bird Day
May 22nd ^International Day for Biodiversity
June 5th ^World Environment Day
June 17th ^World Day to Combat Desertification
August 1st ^National Tree Day
August 13th ^International Wolf Day
September all month ^Biodiversity Month
September 1st ^Wattle Day
September 7th ^National Threatened Species Day
September 8th approx ^National Bilby Day
September 22nd ^World Rhino Day (Zimbabwe, US and now International)
October 4th ^World Animal Day
November 6th ^International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
December 11th ^World Mountain Day (UN)


Occasional Environmental Events


>Sixth National Wilderness Conference


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