The Friends Archive: War and Peace with the Blue Mountains ‘hysterical’ Society – TABLE OF CONTENTS


>Title Page


>Chapter 1:  The Story Background


>Chapter 2:  The Friends Archive Handover Process


>Chapter 3:  The Friends Archive Re-Sort Project


>Chapter 4:  Archival Integrity: All Societal Care, but No Responsibility


>Chapter 5:  Archive Access Protocol – “not our job, we’re just volunteers”


>Chapter 6:  The Society’s Secret Relocation of The Archive


>Chapter 7:  Bridge Club’s Usurpation of The Archive 


>Chapter 8:  The Society’s Mismanagement of The Archive


>Chapter 9:  The Society Bullies The Friends Archival Custodians


>Chapter 10: The Society’s Unanimous Incommunicado


>Chapter 11:  The Society’s AGM Shenanigans April Fools Day 2023


>Chapter 12: The Society’s Received Gift of $3657.11 Unaccounted For


>Chapter 13: Our Formal Complaint against The Society


>Chapter 14: Archival Forced Eviction – The Gully’s History Repeats!


>Chapter 15:  Reneging on the Gift, So Revokes the Gift


>Chapter 16: Plan C:  A Proper Archival Home Sought


>Chapter 17: The Society Breaches its Own Constitution


>Chapter 18: The Society Breaches Association Regulations


>Chapter 19: Our Archival Digitisation


>Chapter 20: Ph.D Prospects


>Further Reading


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