Immigration and pollution have not gone away

The Human Pathogen is now at 7 Billion. 
By 2050, due to be 10 billion if fertility in all countries converges to ‘Replacement Level’
[Source: ^United Nations (May 2011), >Read PDF]


“The high projection variant, whose fertility is just half a child above that in the medium variant, produces a world population of 10.6 billion in 2050 and 15.8 billion in 2100.”


Australia’s Prime Minister Gillard’s Labor-Greens Coalition is facilitating an open drawbridge working to irresponsibly encourage free-flow illegal immigration.

But Australia’s real big picture on overpopulation is through Sydney and Melbourne International Airports, where Labor’s 200,000 annual immigration intake policy adds 5.6 million tonnes of CO2 per annum to Australia’s global contribution.



The average Australian on a per capita basis is said to emit about 28 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, based on the accredited Garnaut Review.

Labor-Greens Coalition current national immigration policy of 190,000 per year, plus allowing for The Greens Party’s encouraged 7,000 boat illegals p.a. at the current rate (2883 arrivals for 2012 to May) , plus allowing for visa overstays, so say Australia’s net immigration is 200,000 per year.

This translates to Labor-Greens Coalition immigration policy adds 5.6 million tonnes (Mt) of CO2 emissions per year (200,000 x 28 tonnes each).
“In the twelve months to June 2009, Australia’s emissions were an estimated 544 Mt CO2-e (million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent).”

[Source: ^]

So roughly, the Labor-Greens Coalition Immigration Policy systemically adds 1% of CO2 emissions per year (CALC:  5.6Mt/544Mt).

Labor-Greens Coalition’s long-winded and over-promising Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency hyping: “The Australian Government is strongly committed to reducing Australia’s carbon pollution… The plan to move to a Clean Energy Future will cut pollution by at least 5% compared with 2000 levels by 2020”

But Labor-Greens Coalition’s blind immigration policy adds 5.6Mt (1%) per year to 2020, which becomes a total of 20% by 2020.  So Labor-Greens Coalition’s hype of 5% reduction is counteracted by 20% more from immigration. So by 2020, Australia will have an extra 15% CO2 emissions! And that doesn’t factor in all the breeding over the next 20 years.

CONCLUSION: The Carbon Tax and CO2 reduction efforts and costs are wasteful and futile, while immigration remains as it is.


On Climate Change, the Australian Labor Party has been hoodwinked into extreme groupthink, akin to naive teenagers being lured to join the Church of Scientology under clever false pretenses.

In Australia, jobs are being lost, pollution continues and no-one is benefiting from Labor’s idealistic and unpragmatic Climate Change policy, all the while the Australian Labor Party maximises export of its greenhouse gas emitting coal to China, Japan, India and Europe.  It’s like trying to export coal and pretend it is exempt from the Climate Change KPIs.

Labor is politically playing at crusading feudalism – taxing local peasants to fund costly mis-adventures abroad.

Gillard yesterday gifted $1, 000, 000,000 of struggling Australian taxpayers to Afghanistan.   This woman is dangerous with Australia’s national overdraft account!


‘Labor’s Carbon Tax is tokenistic, futile and domestically corrosive, so long as Australia exports coal’.


Pollution is a human manifestation without debate.

Globally it has worsened since the environmental alarm about it in the 1960s.
But since ‘pollution’ has been hijacked and re-branded by the Climate Change lobby, the clear and simple pollution message has been complicated, distorted, expanded, and re-theorised.
What was a simple visual problem to many, is now politicised with doubt.
The Climate Change dogma has undermined what was just a very clear, simple  and unequivocal environmental problem of human pollution.
‘Pollution’ remains still the big problem,
whether the political fad is to label it ‘climate change’ or not. 


Pollution is still caused by heavy industry, road transport and by high per-capita consumption.  Combined they contribute to wildlife extinctions – but try finding a PhD funded by NPWS on this?  Where is our Pollution Policy?  Where is our Population Policy?


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2 Responses to “Immigration and pollution have not gone away”

  1. Barbara Pelczynska says:

    I am glad to see The Habitat Advocate bringing up the problems associated with population growth. The calculations of the effects of population growth on CO2 emissions apply equally to other pollutants, consumption of water and other resources.

    However I Would like to point out that the current Labor-Greens-Independents partnership is not a coalition – it is a an agreement lasting only for the term of the current government.

    Though I agree that strong and effective laws and policies are required to stop pollution and population growth problems, I do not think that these problems are restricted to the current Labor-Greens-Independents partnership Government as the Coalition Party’s policies on pollution and population are not much different, if not worse, than those of the Labor Party.

    As to the current Government’s deficit, I would like to point out that the previous Coalition Government achieved its surplus mainly through the sale of public assets, so it is not surprising that now it is more difficult for governments to achieve surplus as there are no more public assets to sell.

  2. Editor says:

    Thank you Barbara.

    All constructive feedback is welcome, which yours is, and we point out that this website is not yet geared up as a forum on issues, but in time this shall be the direction we will head. Meanwhile constructive comments for and against the relevant topic are most welcome.

    In reply to your comment above, we take a pragmatic approach and consider the co-operative working of the current Labor-Greens-Independents to be effectively a political coalition (small ‘c’).
    The Habitat Advocate is independent and has no association or bias with any political party, group, or movement. We criticise the current Australian government for its decisions, actions and impacts on Australian ecology because it is the current authority responsible. Past governments have been no better.

    We advocate a universal ‘Test of Respect’, and so here ask: What respect to ecology is being effected (in terms of pragmatic on-ground impacts, ecological population security, and other measures) by government?

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