Immigration shifting population deck chairs

Australia’s federal immigration policy is unsustainable.

It’s open door flood gate policy continues to invite too many human hoards through Australian airports, hand-balling the consequences to overwhelmed states and local councils.

Each Australia state government is then forced to somehow absorb the human demand for housing, health, jobs and schools; wear the rise in living costs, deal with the social congestion and problems, and be forced to degrade more ecology to make way for the human impost.  Most urban local councils have exceeded budgets trying to deliver services to the new arrivals.  The only beneficiaries are the property developers, and big business that rejects responsibility to invest in local vocational skills training.  Scream ‘skilled labour shortage‘ and our beholden populist government will raise the flood gates to invite more immigrants.

Rudd’s ‘Big Australia‘ was and remains ivory tower insular and is down right treason.

There is nothing complex about the problem.  The root cause is federal immigration policy allowing and inviting hoards of foreigners to further pressure Australia’s resources..

The problem is the Australian Government, be it Labor or Liberal; encouraging the human influx under a narrow ‘skilled labour shortage’ stop gap justification but in denial of the direct broader and longer term economic, social and ecological demise, degrading Australia’s society and economy and remnant natural landscapes.

Immigration which ignores local carrying capacity is just population deck chair shifting of one country’s over-breeding habit to another. Shifting human over-breeding just shifts the human problem, but it doesn’t solve global over-breeding.  If enough of the hoards keep arriving and breeding, the systemic problems of overcrowded, over-breeding nations will become Australia’s.

Human containment and sterilisation is the only ethical solution to a seven billion human plague.  Unethical solutions exist and will become options while ignorant people remain ignorant.  War, genocide and famine are some of those other less savoury options of history that keep repeating themselves due to recurring selective ignorance.

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

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