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Article by Tigerquoll posted as a comment on CanDoBetter.net20110701:
Cattle at Indonesian Abattoirs (Photo Getty Images)


Those who choose to live by the immoral sword…

Why bailout an immoral trade like live cattle and live sheep export?  The immoral trade was entered into by buggering the northern savannah ecosystems of Australia, treating them as cow paddocks. The participants have been fully cognisant of the inhuman shipping conditions, have turned a blind eye to the primitive ‘slit throat while facing Mecca‘ ritual and well aware of the fact that the weight limits are such that the likes of Indonesia are buying livestock live to eventually eliminate livestock imports anyway. The whole live export bizzo is short term profiteering, buggering everyone else in the process. It is a backward attitude feeding off a backward culture.

Those who choose to live by the immoral sword… well no sympathy for participants going to the wall, faster the better!

Taxpayer $30 million bailout is akin to bailing out people smugglers, drug traffickers and slave traders..

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
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Editor’s comment:


If farm workers, helicopter pilots, truck drivers and indigenous workers face an uncertain future” (David Crombie, former chairman of Meat & Livestock Australia) because of the Australian Government’s ban of live cattle to Indonesia, then find a sustainable trade option.

The animal cruelty issue is been appropriately grilled in the media and by government.  But what the live cattle and sheep export industry has ignored to its detriment is Risk Management Governance, particularly external risk analysis. Poor risk management allowed an obvious risk to shut down Australia’s live cattle trade to Indonesia in June 2011.  That risk was the Australian public’s exposure to the cruel practices of Indonesian abattoirs.  How long can an industry survive on a lie?  The industry had over two decades to self-regulate the supply chain to ensure it complied with Australian standards, including RSPCA guidelines.  It didn’t.  One film crew changed all that, and it was only a matter of time.

When a trade is too good to be true, it usually is.



‘Slaves to profit’


“I object (“Gillard’s team Australia’ pledges extra $30m to cattle growers“, July 1).

By making a lot of noise, the live cattle industry has extorted a compensation package from a weak government.  This is taxpayers’ money.  Don’t tell me these people didn’t know what was going on in Indonesian abattoirs.  They’ve been raking in profits from their cruel trade for years.  When we abolished the slave trade there was no compensation package for slave traders.  So why should there be compensation for these latter-day profiteers from cruelty?

David Oakenfull, Asquith, NSW

[Source: Sydney Morning Herald, News Review, 20110702, p.21, ‘Letters to the Editor’ ]

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