Poor Lynda’s Sapling

Lynda loved Nature

Lynda Jacqueline lived by herself

In a small flat with a small garden bed

No electricity

Lynda was never poor wearing her straw trilby

Lynda’s tradition was young, young gorgeous young men

Who would steal a kiss

Lynda took life’s chances

Lynda would smile a sad smile

Lynda planted a sampling in her garden bed

Her peace with Nature

But Housing Commission killed it

Lynda was saddened

Lynda tried for wonderful tomorrows

This winter Lynda took a cold bath and never woke up.



This is a dedication to Lynda Jacqueline of Katoomba who passed away Friday 18th August 2017, aged 50.


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  1. Barbara Pelczynska says:

    Poor Lynda’s sapling It provided such a pleasure to Lynda and in spite of it the callous Housing Commission removed it driving her to premature death.

    Thank you for writing this poem. It made a very deep impression on me. I have not met Lynda but I feel deep grieve for her as well as anger against the rules and their strict enforcement especially on vulnerable people like her. I hope that her suicide will shake the conscience of our society and lead to reforms especially of our public institutions in the way they treat people.

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