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Australia’s rivers exploited by corporates

Saturday, May 15th, 2010
by Gorillaman 20200515.

In and upon my travels throughout our Australian continent, its shorelines and its interiors, I see the impacts of international corporatized exploitations.  Some would argue that this corporate exploitive activity is a necessary component to cultivate Australia’s ongoing economy, though I myself tend to hold a far differing opinion.

This land of Australia lived quite well in our days not long past, indeed without such fervent corporates ever hunting for multi-million dollar profits so to appease the gods of corporate gluttonous predatory plunder upon our Australia.

I now question the manner in which for instance, the Howard Federal Liberal government of recent time, soon began the sell-off of such great amounts of our eternal free-flowing river waters, to whosoever chose to purchase same.  Never considered by this government here, were the resultant out-takes of such huge amounts of our once proudly valued and esteemed freely-flowing and constant river waters.

There was found to be a ready market for such sales, even to be quickly sought by former government ministers with arranged corporate inclined and intended operatives, then to amass all that could be purchased and or promised, for such purposes upon open dry-lands not generally visited by the soon to be created abundancy of broad acre irrigation farming initiatives.  Never considered by this government were the ensuing reductions in their effect upon our seasonal wetlands and swamp-lands, nor to the many river dependant towns and communities and so on, including the small privately owned food producing farmers downstream of such massive water out-take excesses.

The most exploited of our river systems are those that fed into and became one of the major sources of water that feeds into the Murray-Darling River Systems.

Since time immemorable these river systems above-mentioned, were ever reliant upon such as the seasonal Northern Queensland flooding rains, then of the Vic/NSW winter highland melting-snows, that seasonally would ultimately feed into the many downstream outback-area lakes, billabongs, creek systems et al, and also supplied such other particular flora and fauna dependant realms and natural water holdings.  So another export commodity has arrived from the mighty corporate America that soon fails us here in our Australia.
An easily accessible internet search today, will soon reveal the huge reduction of which once were previously, the eternal annual river water volumes and flow-rates?

To compare the present situation to what we once held nationally as in important primary source of water for the Eastern States of Australia, as now now measured against the resulting huge corporate inland farming operations, has now departed us seemingly gone into the forever….

The Angry Gorillaman.

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