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Fraser Island Dingo deliberately runover

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Dingo on Fraser Island (image from Queensland Tourism)

Last Monday 20130916, around 8.30am a native dingo was hit by a vehicle at 18 Mile Beach between Eurong and Dilli Village on Fraser Island. The Island is a World Heritage listed National Park and the wildlife is protected under the Nature Conservation Act.

Distressed witnesses stated the vehicle deliberately changed direction and aimed for the dingo which was struck. The vehicle continued to proceed at speed along the beach. It was described as an Orange Pajero.

The female lay suffering and howling in the sand with her mate close by licking her wounds, a Police Officer was called, who in turn contacted Rangers, sadly, the dingo had to be euthanised.

She appeared to be feeding. The fate of her pups is unknown.

This senseless act of cruelty will hardly cause a stir,  there needs to be much stiffer penalties for injuring our wildlife. This is not acceptable.

The School holidays are here, a dingo casualty now, a child could be next.

If anyone has information please contact the local police or QPWS on (07) 4121 1800

Cheryl Bryant. Publicity Officer. Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc.

1991 Mitsubishi Pajero
This is an old model Pajero, which may look like the killer’s car


[Ed:  It is past time that Fraser Island was completely closed to all tourism]


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