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Human sterilisation via global drinking water!

Monday, January 2nd, 2012
A palatable, viable and ethical solution
to the worsening pathogenic human overpopulation infecting this finite planet


Humans now at 7 billion and exponentially breeding, have become Earth’s Pathogen.

It is our sheer numbers that are the root cause driving ecological harm across the planet – deforestation, salination, pollution, climate change, wildlife extinctions, sprawl – all compounded by decadent consumerism since the Industrial Revolution. We have become a rat race, spreading across the globe, converting ecosystems to usable resources so we may grow.

What is the definition of a pathogen? An agent of disease.  Humans at 7 billion and exponentially breeding, have become for all other species and Earth’s aggregated ecosystems, a pathogenic disease that is killing them and this blue planet. It is not ‘our’ blue planet; we are the top order predator.

To curb human overpopulation we need human-sterilsation in global drinking water.  Add it to the fluoridation globally. It’s a simple cost effective solution to curb humanity’s pathogenic impost on the planet.  Wait three generations and until there’s about half a million of us humans left.  Then adjust the sterilisation treatment to maintain the half million threshold with each nation a quota.  That was our global number pre-‘Industrial Civilisation’ circa 1700, before our exponential ecological carnage.  Half a million humans globally may be thought of as Earth’s ‘healthy equilibrium capacity‘ for our species.

The planet and its inhabitants will breathe anew!   Melbourne would be like leafy quiet Suggan Buggan – paradise!

While it’s not politically correct, it sure beats China’s cruel one child policy.  What are the alternatives to Earth’s Pathogen?  17,000,000,000 by 2050 and 35,000,000,000 by 2300 as predicted by the United Nations?

Human Population Growth scenarios (2003)  [Read More]


How else can current exponential human population growth be reversed and reduced substantially and quickly?  Global human sterilisation (indisciminate) sure beats famine, plagues, pestilence, genocides, wars, nuclear holocaust, etc. – and no-one gets hurt, just ‘clucky-frustrated‘.  I’d award the developers of such a human-specific sterilisation method the Nobel Peace Prize and the planet will thank them.

About the right human density for ‘Healthy Equilibrium Capacity’ ?


Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region
Victoria 3885

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