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Firewood in the Blue Mountains is stolen

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Snuggle up to your stolen forest fire this winter

“…excellent quality, excellent service. We only source premium sustainable hardwood firewood (Ironbark and Box).”

Yeah sure you do, because it’s stolen from native forests when nobody’s watching.

Which forest for the restaurant industry?  RFS Hazard Reduction for Firewood profiteering?


No permit. No certification.  Any claim of sustainable is just lying advertising.

Legitimate Red Ironbark timber flooring retails for $100 per lineal metre.  So if you’re buying ironbark firewood off the back of a truck $140 a cubic metre, it is surely illegally taken from native forests.  Ever wonder why the ex-crim looking delivery driver only takes cash?

Firewood supplied across Australia is a cash black market run by criminal types.  It’s a winter scam.


If the firewood is not certified as plantation timber with an Australian Standard AS4708, then the firewood is likely stolen, which means you are in receipt of stolen goods.

And beware of this label photocopied in black and white


So snug up to an ironbark wood fire this winter and know you are part of the deforestation problem driving threatened woodland species into extincting. 

Your grand kids will ask why you were so selfish, when they see there’s none left – just like trying to buy Turpentine flooring these days.

Box Ironbark forest in central Victoria dominated by Red Ironbark (Eucalyptus tricarpa)

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Criminal Loggers Caught


Pizzas sponsored by RFS commercial Hazard Reduction on the side?


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