Save the Tarkine from Venture Minerals


<Federal environment minister Tony Burke has rejected National Heritage listing for Tasmania’s precious Tarkine Wilderness.


Burke’s Ten New Mines!


On 8th February 2013, Burke announced 10 new mines proposed over the next five years for the Tarkine Wilderness. Nine of these 10 mines will be open cut leaving scars of devastation in an area of north-western Tasmania.

Savage River Mine already scarring The Tarkine Wilderness


“The Tarkine is one of the world’s great wild places.

It is an expansive 447,000 hectare wilderness area of recognised World Heritage significance in the North-West corner of Tasmania, Australia’s island state. The Tarkine contains remarkable natural and cultural values, including one of the world’s most significant remaining tracts of temperate rainforest,” said the Tarkine National Coalition.

The Tarkine is a place of unique natural and cultural significance and was nominated for World Heritage listing by the Australian Senate in 2007.

The Tarkine has been recognised by prominent bodies including the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Tasmanian Department of Parks, Wildlife and Heritage and environment groups such as The Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

The Australian government has recognised the Tarkine’s outstanding national significance through listing the Tarkine on the register of the National estate.

As the Tarkine National Coalition says:


Burke only “listed a paltry 4% of the 433,000 hectares recommended to him by the inquiry”


Since February 8, Burke has granted the first two of 10 mining permits to Venture Minerals for three iron mines at Mount Lindsay and granted Shree Minerals an iron ore mine proposed for Nelson Bay River.

Successive environment ministers have failed to put forward an assessment by the Australian Heritage council for Heritage listing with UNESCO leaving these areas of “outstanding natural and cultural value” vulnerable to the policies of Burke.

A national day of action on 14th February 2013 and a campaign in local media helped to expose the plight of the now endangered Tarkine and reverse this environmentally catastrophic decision.

Venture Minerals and Shree Minerals are driven by the profits to be made from these proposed mining ventures in the Tarkine. But the Tarkine has far more long-term value as a wilderness area and should continue to benefit all.>>


[Source:  ‘Mining approved in the Tarkine’, 20130219, by Rachel Christensen, ^]


Tarkine Wilderness
(Peter Walton, Tasmania Expeditions)


So in the absence of government responsibility, Dr Bob Brown has just been announced as new patron of rebranded Save the Tarkine campaign.

The Tarkine National Coalition is pleased to make two exciting announcements that we believe will help increase the national profile of this important campaign.

“Today we are unveiling the new Save the Tarkine branding that we will campaign under”, announced Campaign Coordinator, Scott Jordan.  “We believe that brand, Save the Tarkine will help the public more easily identify this important campaign, and let them know in clear terms what our mission is.”

To support this rebranding, a new Tasmanian devil inspired logo has been adopted  (see above).

Tarkine National Coalition Incorporated remains as the registered legal entity, with campaigns to be conducted under the registered trading name Save the Tarkine.

Save the Tarkine are also thrilled to announce that Dr Bob Brown has accepted our invitation to become patron of the campaign.

“Bob is no stranger to the Tarkine, having fought for it’s protection both in and out of the parliament. We are thrilled that Bob has agreed to accept the role of patron, and we look forward to sharing Bob’s passion for the Tarkine with all of Australia”.

“I’m honoured to be first patron of Save the Tarkine”, said Dr Brown in Launceston.  “I first walked the Tarkine forty years ago looking for Tasmanian Tigers, and if protected the Tarkine will create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs in the future.  If mined it will end up another post-industrial waste dump”.



<<The Tarkine is a vast, continuous and largely untouched wilderness of exceptional and rare diversity. Covering an area of around 450,000 hectares in Tasmania’s north-west, it is a place worthy of World Heritage protection yet, unbelievably, remains inadequately protected and vulnerable to being carved up by the mining and forestry industries.

This book is the authors’ tribute to this last of the last frontier experiences on earth.>>


‘Tarkine – Wild and Sacred’

by S & E Bartley

40 Degrees South Publishing

RRP:$29.95 Paperback 144 pp
ISBN 9780987243195


[Source/Purchase:  ^]


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2 Responses to “Save the Tarkine from Venture Minerals”

  1. Barbara Pelczynska says:

    The Tarkine is an important part of Australia’s biodiversity. Being a rain forest, it is also very important in maintaining Tasmania’s current rain and carbon cycles. It is therefore alarming that Minster Burke, who is supposed to be responsible for Australia’s environment, has given in to the short term mining interest over the long term protection of the environment.
    His decision is especially alarming as according to the State of the Environment Reports all of the important environmental indicators show that Australia’s current unprecedented biodiversity crisis is progressively deepening with each consecutive year.

    The reason the Minister has given for allowing mining, namely that that part of Tarkine is already degraded by previous mining is unacceptable as it is not unlike a justification for allowing a cancer to be aggravated instead of cured because part of the damage to the organism has already been done.

    I agree with Dr. Brown that Tarkine “if mined it will end up another post-industrial waste dump”.

  2. Denis Hoffmann says:

    Hello I am an Indigenous man, currently I am studying for my masters and my subject this term is to do a EIS environmental impact statement, for the bluestone mine in Renison, I cannot believe that they are allowing mining when they have had leaks into nearby water ways and it will also destroy habitat for quolls and devils, can you give me any information about this mine and area, I am going to give it a bad report, so I want to be precise, I live on my country Narbethong Vic.

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