VicForests’ policy of extinction

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East Gippsland, Victoria April 2009:

The senseless killing of a 500+ year old rare surviving Eucalyptus regnans
by VicForest contractors in April 2009.
( Photo courtesy of Environment East Gippsland)

Logging halted at iconic Bungywarr Creek (East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia)

29 April, 2009

‘Today independent forests conservationists are protecting ancient forests from logging in far East Gippsland.

“Two protestors are ‘flying’ a platform located thirty metres up in the tree canopy”, says spokesperson for the group, Ms Lauren Caulfield. “This platform is cabled off to four logging machines, immobilizing them.”

The tree-top protestors are supported by twenty-five forests conservationists on the site.

Bungywarr Creek was first blockaded in 1994, and has remained a contentious logging site ever since.

“Bungywarr Creek forest was identified as iconic almost two decades ago. The old-growth that remains at Bungywarr should be included in the Brumby government’s next round of forest protection”, said Ms Caulfield.

Earlier this month it was revealed that forests like the magnificent stands along Bungywarr Creek are sold to export woodchipping companies for less than the price of a Mars bar – a mere $2.50 per tonne.

“Selling our valuable and carbon-rich native forests for the price of a fast food snack is not making the best financial returns to Victorians”, said Ms Caulfield.

“For VicForests to continue to woodchip the remaining 8% of Victoria’s old-growth forests under Mr Brumby’s watch is a disgrace. Victorians expect and deserve management of our forests for a truly sustainable future.”

“Protecting nature is one of the most important ways to fight climate change”, continued Ms Caulfield. “The forest at Bungywarr Creek will do a better job fighting climate change if it is left intact and able to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”

“While the Brumby government dithers on delivering the ageing 2006 old-growth forest promise, logging at Bungywarr Creek is making climate change worse”, concluded Ms Caulfield.”

[Media Release courtesy of Environment East Gippsland]

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