Sixth National Wilderness Conference

Does wilderness still matter?  Or is it just a nostalgic and overblown idea from the 1960s that has worn out its usefulness?

Unsurprisingly, the Colong Foundation for Wilderness vigorously asserts that wilderness is more important than ever. As the global environment plummets into crisis, ‘business as usual’ is rushing ever more recklessly in the opposite direction, chasing the almighty dollar. Our parks, reserves and natural areas are everywhere imperilled, by climate change, mining, tourism and many other threats. Wilderness remains a sanctuary and an insurance against the complete exploitation of nature.

Which is why the Colong Foundation has taken up the baton again for the Sixth National Wilderness Conference, established by Geoff Mosley and the Australian Conservation Foundation in 1977. The 5th and most recent conference, Celebrating Wilderness, was hosted by the Colong Foundation in 2006.


6th National Wilderness Conference


The 6th National Wilderness Conference will be held in Sydney on 21-23 September 2012 and co-presented by the NSW National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

With environmental protection laws under attack in all states and nationally, this conference comes at a critical time. So if you haven’t signed up for this conference yet, now’s the time. And don’t forget the Conference dinner, $40 for three beautiful courses at Maynard’s Café, Newtown.

^Online Conference registration

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  1. Barbara Pelczynska says:

    I am convinced that a radical rethink about conservation of our natural environment has to be done because the loss of biodiversity is getting worse, more and more plants and animals are becoming endangered and “business as usual” cannot continue. (see William R. Catton’s book, “Overshoot, the Ecological Basis of revolutionary Change”)

    I think that wilderness, natural environment and its ecosystem services is of paramount importance to the survival of life, including ours on earth. Therefore National Wilderness Conference is very important.

    I hope that the delegates will make meaningful decisions about the influence of population growth, habitat loss and inadequacy of present environmental laws on the conservation of the natural environment.

    I also hope that, as David Suzuki has pointed out on p. 59 of his book “The Legacy“, the delegates to this conference will not be distracted by immediate problems from addressing the root causes of our destructiveness.

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