Ban ALL Australia’s Live Animal Exports

Australia’s live animal trade cannot be trusted.  Animal cruelty offence after offence ignored by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has become recidivist.

This organisation has not only neglected the welfare of Australian animals to slaughter time and again, it has sacrificed the standards of the Australian industry it supposedly represents.

Australian farm animals are being shipped live overseas to be tortured by cultures below Australian morality.

Australia’s entire live export industry needs to be shut down for it systemically being complicit in persistent animal cruelty and immorality.

If that means Australian participating farmers and their families go broke, so be it.  Australian farmers complicit in this immoral, unscrupulous and unaccountable trade are unworthy of profiting from it.  They are no better than those of previous centuries who profitted out of the misery of the human slave trade or the child sex trade.

Australia’s Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig, ultimately responsible needs to be sacked for recklessly presiding over repeated Australia’s agricultural trade immorality and for his gross incompetence in failing to address systemic animal cruelty for now years.

Senator Joe Ludwig’s legacy of prevailing over an immoral trade and doing nothing but allow it to perpetuate

The entire Meat and Livestock Australia Board of Directors needs to be sacked:

  • Chairman, Robert Anderson
  • Managing Director, Scott Hansen
  • Director, Michelle-Allen
  • Director, Lucinda Corrigan
  • Director,  Greg Harper
  • Director,  Christine-Gilbertson
  • Director, Geoff-Maynard
  • Director,  John-McKillop
  • Director, Peter Trefort
  • Director, Rodney-Watt



Dodgy Ships, Dodgy Trade




‘Indonesian torture of Australian Cattle in June 2011’




‘Shocking undercover live export investigation: Tnuva, Israel

[Source: ‘‘Shocking undercover live export investigation: Tnuva, Israel’, 20121211, ^ ]



‘2011 Video shows cattle cruelty’

[Source:  ‘Video shows cattle cruelty’,  by Richard Willingham, The Age newspaper, 20110825, ^]


Click Above Image to link to site to watch video


<<New vision obtained by Fairfax appears to show cruelty to cattle in Israel, one of the countries to which Australia exports its livestock.

Fresh evidence of cruel treatment of Australian livestock in foreign markets has raised new doubt about the ability of the government and industry to ensure the welfare of animals exported for slaughter.

Footage obtained by The Age shows filth-covered cattle being belted with spike-tipped poles as they are unloaded from a cramped truck in Israel. More than 43,000 cattle were exported there in 2010.

It comes as cattle exports to Vietnam are about to resume after a seven-year break, raising concern among Labor backbenchers and Animals Australia because of Vietnam’s animal welfare record.

An image taken from the video appears to show cattle being belted with spike-tipped poles. 

The film, shot by Israeli group Anonymous for Animal Rights on August 12, shows cattle covered in faeces after their long boat voyage. ”It was quite obvious that the handlers had no training at all, and that the poles had nails or something sharp on the end,” spokeswoman Hila Jerem said.

While the footage is not as confronting as that from Indonesia, welfare groups say it is further evidence of how little Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) know about foreign markets but are still willing to promote exports to them….>>


Immoral Trades are Not Worth a Cent
Some would sell their children for money too.


The immoral, illegal Sex Trade still flourishes in some countries too.



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3 Responses to “Ban ALL Australia’s Live Animal Exports”

  1. Ruth Weston says:

    When will the labour government listen to the people. Stop this obscene, immoraland blatently cruel trade once and for all. There are other alternatives.

  2. Barbara Pelczynska says:

    My thanks to The Habitat Advocate for publicizing this issue.

    I am full of admiration for individuals and groups like the Animal Australia and the Israeli’s Anomalous for Animal Rights, who campaign against cruelty to animals within their own as foreign countries. For without their dedication, this cruel treatment of animals would be not only more widely spread than it is today, but judging by our livestock export industry, countries like ours would soon revert to the pre-reforms treatment of animals.

    For like Deborah Bird Rose point out on p. 28 of her book “Wild Dog Dreaming, Love and Extinction” points out “We know about this monstrosity, but most of us don’t experience it. We are outside the feedlot and the abattoir, and we know how to keep our distance”.

  3. Amanda Scully says:

    Footage from Jordan shows that animals are treated horrendously and experience pain and suffering when exported live. It takes a long time to turn practices around. Ending exports of live animals stops their pain, fear and suffering.

    Thank you for your support to protect animals from harm.

    Thanks again


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