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Witness to Tasmania’s Styx Forest Holocaust

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Just back from a visit to Tasmania’s majestic world heritage Styx Valley, the editor is shocked at the indiscriminate forest ecocide by Forestry Tasmania ~ a Martin Bryant on the loose slaughtering Tasmania’s irreplaceable ancient forest heritage.

Tasmania’s ancient Styx Forest ~ ancient Myrtles, Celery Top Pines, Blackwoods, Regnans, Sassafras and the wildlife habitat they support…being irreversibly clear-felled and incinerated hectare by hectare by Lara Giddings’ ‘Forestry Tasmania’
[Photo taken on 28th September 2011 by Alan Lesheim Photography]
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Forestry Tasmania ~ the mind of a ‘forestpath’:

Martin Bryant ~ the 1996 mass murderer of Tasmania
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Like this mentally disturbed misfit, who as a child cut down trees on a neighbour’s property and received an air rifle for his 14th birthday; Forestry Tasmania, has been reared by successive Tasmanian governments creating a subsidised cushion around it that throughout its existence  has  protected it from reality ~ economic reality, social reality , ecological reality.

Tasmanian Government artificial cushions have acted as constraints that impeded or at least diffused, and gave an outlet for, its most obsessive tendencies ~ clearfell and bush arson. ‘Left to its own mounting frustrations, angers, resentment of rejection and social misunderstanding’.  Forestry Tasmania’s current clear-felling rampage ranks among the deadliest for Tasmanian old growth forests in the 21st Century.

[Adapted from the Sydney Morning Herald article ‘A dangerous mind: what turned Martin Bryant into a mass murderer?’, by Robert Wainwright and Paola Totaro, 20090427, ^]


Forestry Tool of the Trade:

A Doosan Harvester
–  a Japanese company, supplying equipment to more efficiently destroy Tasmanian old growth for woodchips back to Japan, or more so China nowadays.
Forestry is stihl about jobs? ~ pull the other one.
‘The Doosan Credo focuses on our responsibilities to people, business and society.
We are confident that by fostering talented people, honesty, transparent business management, and ceaseless innovation, that we will become a “Proud Global Doosan.”
[Source: ^]


Pull the other one!


The Forester Phallic
~ do foresters stihl give their sons chainsaws on their 14th birthday?



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